Judy Greer Explained Why TV Shows Should Have More Boobs: ‘This Is Comedy’

There are millions of great things to be said about Judy Greer but the best is that she is always consistently laughing at herself, which makes sense because she is just that funny. Greer stars in Reboot, the new Hulu series about rebooting a popular 90s sitcom with all of the same actors who are now old and jaded by Hollywood. This seems to happen a lot.

What also seems to happen a lot is Greer consistently taking roles where she has dramatic topless moments and they are always a little out of place and sometimes extremely over the top (literally!). But she’s great at it, so it works.

Greer was recently speaking to The Hollywood Reporter when the topic of her shirtless scenes came up and she explained how boobs and comedy just go well together. In a scene in Reboot, Greer said that the topless part was unplanned but ended up in the final cut because… it was just funny:

Being topless was not in the script. What was written was her trying to get her top off and everything. When you’re shooting scenes like that, you can wear a bandeau or pasties, but, when it comes down to it, it’s a pain in the ass shooting around all kinds of undergarments. So I said, “Let’s just do the scene and then you guys can just deal with my boobs in the editing room.” When the scene was edited together, they were like, “Well, we have two versions, and there is a version where we can see your breasts — and it’s very funny. We’re never putting this in the show if you don’t want to, but why don’t you come and see what you think?” So, I saw it, and I thought it was funny.

When asked if being topless makes her uncomfortable, she explained that this is never an issue for male actors. In fact, people seem to want more of that stuff! “There are so many different kinds of nudity, and that was nothing as far as my comfort level,” Greer said. “If I was doing some crazy sex scene, I weirdly think it would be less interesting to me to show anything. This is comedy, and they’re just boobs. We never freak out when dudes have their shirts off.” The actress added that if she were a man, the topic would have never come up at all, which is probably true.

Speaking of reboots, maybe it’s time for Arrested Development to come back (again) so that Greer can return as Kitty. That’s just what the world needs right now.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)