The Trailer For Hulu’s ‘Reboot’ Shows Off An Interesting Premise And A Heck Of A Cast

It’s 2022, and it feels like every show that you loved as a young, carefree child either has a reboot or a podcast (or both). It’s a lot, and yet they just keep coming. But what if there was a show about how every show has a reboot? Would that be too convoluted? Maybe, but who cares! And that is the premise for Hulu’s new comedy, Reboot.

Reboot brings back the cast of the fake wholesome 1990s sitcom Step Right Up after they had all gone on to pursue other projects, like a low-budget sci-fi series or a failed movie career. The studio wants the show to be rebooted for a modern audience, and chaos ensues! Old co-stars are reunited, there are topical jokes about diversity in writer’s rooms, and of course some commentary on social media. But most importantly, there is Johnny Knoxville.

The series features a delightful ensemble cast, including Key and Peele’s Keegan-Michael Key, the iconic Judy Greer, Johnny Knoxville, Paul Reiser, Rachel Bloom, former Disney Channel star Calum Worthy, and Krista Marie Yu.

The comedy comes from Modern Family’s Steve Levitan in his first show since the hit series ended in 2020. Earlier this year, Levitan said that he was excited to venture into a different form of comedy. “it’s really fun representing the old school,” the showrunner said at TCA. “That’s a really funny area to me. The generational thing is so clear. Here are young people and here is the old guard. These are struggles everybody has. I can’t say that? What can I say?”

Reboot premieres on Hulu on September 20th. Check out the trailer above.