Facebook Now Has Hashtags. #Dealwithit

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Yes, the trend is about to get in front of a much larger audience and invalidate a whole lot of jokes. Welcome to Facebook, hashtags

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Chrome Voice Search Is Coming: The Five Best Announcements From Google I/O 2013

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Google I/O 2013 started yesterday, and Google was not shy about revealing some major new features.

we take back every mean thing we said

Google Just Made It A Whole Lot Easier To Search For GIFs

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Until Google Instacat is up and running, Google has decided to please the Internet by making it easier to find GIFs.

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Courts: Border Patrol Can’t Go Through Your Laptop At Will

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The Border Patrol now needs a good reason and/or a warrant to look at your files.


Google’s 2012 Year in Review


See how the world searched in 2012 with Google's beautiful year-end video.

Facebook And Yahoo! To Team On Question-Answering Search


Facebook wants you to use it more. Yahoo! would like you to use it, well, at all.

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While Bing’s Friend Search Is Awesome, Bing Itself Is Still Largely Useless


Bing gives you yet another way to annoy your friends on Facebook.

well at least they're fixing something

Facebook Is Trying to Fix Their Busted Search Bar

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<a href=""></a>If you've ever tried to find something on Facebook, it's an unfriendly reminder of what web searching was like back in 1998.

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Is Your Browser Helping Bing Cheat Off Of Google?


There's no part of the Internet more competitive or subject to ridiculous nerd-fights than search, if by "competitive" you mean "sewn up by an aggressive corporation that completely dominates the market.


Google Instant? More like Google ADD

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Here at Gamma Squad, we would never resort to using images of sexy women to pull clicks.

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