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Serene Branson Is Fine (Medically)

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Once I got past the initial hilarity of Serene Branson's ill-timed inability to speak coherently during LA's CBS Grammy coverage (not to mention the auto-tuned remix), I actually experienced pangs of guilt as I saw the terrified look on Branson's face as she realized her condition, and I worried that perhaps she had a serious medical problem.


2.17 The Cooler

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Trailer for The King’s Speech 2: The Queen’s Speech

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According to the latest reports, Serene Branson didn't have a stroke, so I suppose we're free to laugh at her until we discover some other health problem.


Serene Branson: Auto-Tuned Remix

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Well, this was inevitable: the auto-tuned remix of CBS-2 reporter Serene Branson's inexplicable brush with aphasia (that's a fancy word meanin' she ain't use words good).

the grammys

‘A Very Jefe Bertation Dareson’

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I've watched this video eight times now, and I'm still nowhere close to figuring out what Serene Branson of LA's CBS 2 News is even trying to say in this Grammys report from last night (via @ [Kim] Baldonado [of LA's NBC 4] also noted via Twitter that despite a report from London's Daily Telegraph that she was hospitalized, Branson may have merely been checked by EMT personnel and sent home with a friend.

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