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‘Mad X-Men’ Is The ‘Mad Men’ / ‘X-Men’ Mashup That Will Save The Future Of Advertising

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The X-Men travel back to save Don Draper from self-destruction in 'Mad X-Men.'

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Jimmy Fallon Is Forcing Car Dealers To Compete On The USS Intrepid With His 'Fingers On A 4×4' Contest

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Jimmy Fallon takes the concept of car sales and turns it on its head with his 'Fingers On A 4x4' contest.

Snoop Dogg

Hear The ‘Hot’ (Ugh) New Snoop Dogg Single, ‘Pocket Like It’s Hot’

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Wait, wait, wait, you're telling me Snoop Dogg is shameless? YUP.


The Most Disgusting, Yet Strangely Erotic, Condom Commercial You’ll Ever See

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A hilariously disgusting ad for One Pound Johnny, a British mail-order condom service.

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