EA Debuts Next-Gen Trailers For ‘Madden 25,’ ‘NBA Live 14,’ ‘FIFA 14′


One of the best way to observe technological jumps from video game generation to video game generation is by observing sports games.

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Ready To Spend? Sony To Announce PlayStation 4 In February


With the Wii U dropping late last year, common knowledge dictates that Sony and Microsoft are prepping their artillery for the next-gen console war.


Next Generation: 10 Features We Want To See In The Xbox 720 & Playstation 4


Words By AJ & S. Cadet Don’t get too excited about that shiny new Playstation 3 that you got for Christmas.


PlayStation x Nike Zoom Huarache Trainer Low “The Show”


While I would have loved to have seen these completed with a navy sole, the Zoom Huarache Trainer Low "The Show" Quickstrike is still very nice. Summer, shorts and Huaraches all work well together. Plus, I love it when the Oregon design gang goes all out on details, even the ones that go unseen when worn such as the insoles. "For the second consecutive year, Minnesota Twins perennial All-Star, Joe Mauer is the cover athlete for MLB® 11 The Show, available exclusively for PlayStation®. To commemorate this achievement, Nike will release the Nike Huarache TR Low “The Show”. This very limited trainer will be released on April 9th at Nike Mall of America, EastBay and select Minnesota and Chicagoland retailers. "The Huarache TR Low “The Show” retails for $110 and is a baseball lover and gamers' dream. Baseball inspired stitching around the toe emulates that of laces on a ball. The PlayStation logo is prominently displayed on the shoe’s outer tongue. The game’s cover artwork, including the image of Mauer and the MLB® The Show classic logo, embellish the inner sock liners of both the left and right shoe respectively. The right shoe’s inner tongue includes Mauer’s iconic ‘7M’ logo. "While style certainly catches the eye, the Nike Huarache Low silhouette is a premier training shoe designed for maximum support and traction. Mauer’s signature shoe is designed to fit like a glove for a custom feel to help you perform like a pro." Set to launch April 9th at NikeStore.com and select retailers.

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Death Of The PS3?


As if the fact that Blu-Ray was dead in the water wasn’t bad enough, it seems that the PS3 is becoming obsolete in serving its main purpose, as well.

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“Look But Don’t Touch…”


"Optical Illusion: There are shoes in this picture.

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