“Strange Fruition” – Review Of Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor II


Having played with the idea for a few years, there seemed no better time than 2012 for Lupe Fiasco to follow through with a sequel to his heralded debut album, Food & Liquor.

The Jiffy Cornbread Experience

Scotty – “Honey Jack Daniels” Video

Scotty's an wrist we've gotten to know over the past year or so and by all accounts buddy is a stand up dude.


Scotty – The Jiffy Cornbread Experience EP


All artists currently gravitate to the kitchen to do their work.

The Jiffy Cornbread Experience

Scotty – “Too Cool” Video

ATL product Scotty brings the fun to your Fourth of July weekend (mid-week.

The Jiffy Cornbread Experience

Scotty – “Honey Jack Daniels”

With a title like "Honey Jack Daniels," it would be easy to assume Scotty's newest offering is about one of the finer alcoholic beverages in rotation.


Stalley – “Live At Blossom” Video


There has to be a certain amount of correlation between the tale of Midas and a successful rapper.

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