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‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ Going Free-To-Play

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Gee, it lost a quarter of its subscribers and now it's gone free-to-play? What a coincidence!

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'Star Wars: The Old Republic' Has Lost 25% Of Its Subscribers


"The Old Republic" is pretty much what people want out of a Star Wars game.

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Anti-Gay Group Hilariously Freaks Out Over "The Old Republic"

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Here's how you know that you've made it in pop culture; when you announce your game is going to include a gay option and nutcases completely freak out.


“Star Wars: The Old Republic”: The Review

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The problem with MMOs is that they're not games: they're second jobs.

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Boogie Down in “Old Republic”, Cancel Attacks


We've been playing "Star Wars: The Old Republic" off and on, mostly because we're trying to pull together enough of a sense of it for a review.

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MMO's aren't my cup of tea.

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