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Meme Watch: 10 Dog Is The Newest Addition To The Stoner Dog Pantheon

By | 2 Comments

"10 Dog" is the newest canine marijuana enthusiast who has emerged to join the august ranks of the stoner dogs. Here are the 25 best examples of the meme.


Let’s Celebrate Colorado And Washington Legalizing Marijuana With Funny Pictures, Shall We?

By | 8 Comments

Voters in both Colorado and Washington passed ballot initiatives to legalize recreational marijuana use. Let's celebrate with funny pictures, shall we?


High Dog Is Ready For A High Jump, Cat Parkour Fails, And Links


Today's links, featuring Stoner Dog reading a Felix Baumgartner quote that is relevant to his interests, as well as a supercut of cats failing.


I Want To Go To There: Trippy ‘Hyper-Matrix’ Moving Wall Goes On Display

By | 6 Comments

The Hyper-Matrix moving wall premiered at the Yeosu EXPO in South Korea. It looks like something out of 'Portal' and blew our minds.


Montel Williams Enters The Marijuana Dispensary Business

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Montel Williams (host of the appropriately-named Montel Williams Show for 17 years) was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis over 10 years ago.

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