Yep, Taiwan Animation Weighed In On The Manti Te’o Girlfriend Hoax


New career goal: get name-dropped in a Taiwan Animation video.


If Bob Costas Hadn’t Had Taiwan Animation, He’d Still Be Alive Today (Or Something)

Here's the NMA World Edition (Taiwan Animation) take on Bob Costas and his speech about Jovan Belcher and gun control.


Taiwan Animation’s Take On Mike D’Antoni Is Pretty Perfect

I considered writing my normal wordy intro paragraph about how Taiwan Animation is the weirdest thing in the world, citing examples from the stories we've covered and wondering how two Taiwanese ladies with 3rd grade computer animation skills could get to the heart of a story better than a nation of aged sports reporters, but I'll let this image do all that for me: Additional highlights, if you aren't already watching, include: - Phil Jackson as the zen, levitating version of The Mandarin from 'Iron Man' - A swinging jazz soundtrack - The Lakers having fruit thrown at them because they're trying to play basketball with walkers (try to figure out which one's supposed to be Steve Nash.


Taiwan Hates The New York Yankees, Loves Animating C.C. Sabathia’s Bones

If that preview image doesn't make you click the link, maybe this will: at one point in Taiwan's "New York Yankees didn't make the World Series" epic, Alex Rodriguez draws a sex emoticon on a ball and gets it tossed to a lady.


Taiwan Animation Vs. Soccer Dives

Soccer dives are the worst, and Luis Suarez of Liverpool is the worst AT them.


Taiwan Animation Says Yankees Are Done, Attacks C.C. With Fishing Net


Taiwan's Next Media Animation has really gone above and beyond with their latest effort, calmly titled, "New York Yankees 2012 season goes off the rails".

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