NASCAR Fans Vs. Taiwan Animation, A Battle For The Ages

Next Media Animation’s “Taiwan Animation” of the Daytona crash has all the absurdity and hyperbole you’d expect — fans being killed and turned into cheering ghosts, all the cars being Toyota Corollas because they don’t have a stock car stock animation, NASCAR literally erasing the video from YouTube — but the best part is easily the fact that nobody at NMA thought, “hey, it’s probably a bad idea to ask NASCAR fans what they think of this insulting, wacky parody video made by Asians.”

From the YouTube description:

As every NASCAR fan knows, you come for the crashes and stay for the races. But are NASCAR officials taking fan safety seriously enough?

NASCAR fans are stoic. Talk to any fan and they will admit to accepting some level of risk when watching the races live. Furthermore, the fine print on the back of admissions tickets would seem to absolve race officials of liability if fans are injured.

But despite the risks, are NASCAR officials doing enough to ensure no fan is ever hurt? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Predictably, NASCAR fans left their thoughts.

A selection of “thoughts.” Reader discretion is advised:

So there you have it … a kitschy animation company that thrives on doing no research and just pulling stuff out of their ass, locked in a war of words with NASCAR fans who demand an end to stereotyping by being the most stereotypical people ever. Who ya got?

Leave your thoughts in the comments. Try not to call anybody the N-word, if at all possible.