‘True Blood’ Got Exactly What It Wanted In A Response From Ted Cruz

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After this week's 'True Blood' featured the Yakuza raiding a fundraiser for Ted Cruz, the Republican senator responded with a sick burn.

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Allow The Tea Party Insult Generator To Waste Several Hours Of Your Lives

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The Tea Party Insult Generator uses actual insults left on John Boehner's Facebook page to create fresh, new insults.


South Dakota Lawmaker Calls MMA The ‘Child Porn Of Sports’ In Worst Analogy Of 2013

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As always, I apologize in advance for splashing politics into your sports bourbon, but we can’t go a full business week lately without a politician trying to act like he’s a sports expert.


That New Fiscal Cliff Deal Includes A Ton Of Tax Breaks For New NASCAR Tracks

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Politicians are the worst people on this planet, so it shouldn’t have surprised people this morning when news leaked of the sordid inclusions in the fiscal cliff deal, from a heavier rum tax on Puerto Rico to financing Goldman Sachs’ new headquarters.


The Kids At The Spencer Hawes Basketball Camp Are Getting Ripped Off

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Ugh, I’m so sorry, you guys, but I’m really pissed off so we’re going to talk about politics for just a second.


Hippies Protesting New LA Stadiums

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After a recently proposed 75,000-seat stadium was approved by state legislature to be built in the City of Industry, environmental groups in California are protesting another proposed NFL stadium that would be constructed right next to the Staples Center in Los Angeles.



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Let's mix it up with a fun little rant.

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