The Adult Film Minute: Chase Hates Porn Stars. But So Does PayPal, Amazon…

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Dr. Chauntelle to discuss Chase's recent rash of porn-related bank account closures, and how they're not the only offender.


Brony Porn, Porn Star CrossFit, And The Tranny Awards Gets A Name Change: The Adult Film Minute

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On a second installment of The Adult Film Minute, Dr. Chauntelle explains Brony porn, porn star crossfit, and why the Tranny Awards is getting a name change.


Want to See Some Exclusive Stills from a Brony Porn?

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Exclusive SFW-ish Stills from Tasha's Pony Tales, a brony-themed adult film featuring colorful horse-tail... er... sex toys.


Adult Film Actress Tasha Reign is Selling Horse-Tail Butt Plugs for Bronies

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Today I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop, munching a bagel and sipping a coffee, when an email landed in my inbox publicizing adult film actress Tasha Reign, she of "Baby Loves a Big Dick," "Big Tit Cream Pie 12," and "Them's Some Sexy Titties," among other titles; and her new line of adult toys.

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6.13 The Cooler

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Pilar Sanders Why Gwyneth Paltrow Should Just Say "Nuh" [RTD] 8 Painfully Hilarious Canibus Memes [TRU] Another Trayvon in Milwaukee [Socialist Worker] 25 Things You Didn't Know About "Mad Men" [Buzzfeed] Waka Flocka's 50 Favorite Albums [Complex] Tasha Reign Talks Meeting Bill Clinton, Porn & Politics [...].


5.29 The Cooler

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Ashley Logan Bill Clinton Photo With Porn Stars Brooklyn Lee And Tasha Reign Explained <a href="http://gossiponthis.com/2012/05/26/bill-clinton-photo-with-porn-stars-brooklyn-lee-tasha-reign-explained">[GOT]</a> The Secret To A Long Life Is.


Of course there’s an Anchorman porn parody

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It's been almost seven years since Anchorman was released, forever altering the very fabric of frat life.

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