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Dame Dash Fires Back At Funk Flex On The Combat Jack Show

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The latest update in the Dame Dash/Funk Flex/"culture vulture" wars.

The Combat Jack Show

!llmind – “Narcotic Nautilus”

By | 9 Comments

I know you see that song title, rap fan. Ten bucks says it makes you roll your eyes over another "Nautilus" flip.

waka flocka flame

Waka Flocka Thinks Gucci’s Hate Comes from “Jealousy” and “Envy”

By | 17 Comments

We may never know what stemmed the split between rap's Mario & Luigi but Waka Flocka thinks it may have something to do with his former friend being afflicted with a case of jealousy.

#Jay Z

Dame Dash: “My Quality Of Living Has Never Been Compromised”

By | 33 Comments

2013's Dame Dash is definitely not like 1999's Dame Dash.

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