Styles P Praises J. Cole And Wale For Keeping Rap Alive And Well

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I know it’s hard for you, Mr. Backpack Timberland, watching the Mumble McGees of the rap world get pushed to the forefront while your favorite emcees get ignored. I know it’s painful thinking Lil Thug Savage Kodak Yachty Vert killed rap, but rest assured, they have not. So says Styles P. The LOX member feels there are plenty of other young rappers in the game keeping rap raw.

In a recent interview with The Combat Jack Show, Peniro named a handful of rhymers he says makes the OG rappers feel like they can hang it up if they wanted to. “I respect all of the young gentlemen, to tell you the truth. Your [J. Coles] and your [Wales], your [Kendrick Lamars] are the reason why dudes like us could sleep at night and say, in case we want to f*ckin—whenever we want to up and leave, the game’s untampered with.”

Styles added that when it comes to #barz, the new school is definitely holding it down, continuing, “You got them dudes and you got your Dave East, Don Q, and big shout out to Rapsody. Young M.A, You got people out here that’s really verbally giving it up. So, at the end of the day, that’s what really counts.”

I guess now would be the perfect time to link to John Gotty’s Best Rap Albums of 2016 list, huh?

As for new LOX material, it’s coming, and it will only be available on Tidal. The legendary rap trio’s gearing up for the release of a new documentary as well as their upcoming album, Filthy America… It’s Beautiful, dropping Dec. 16.