time wasters

‘Pitbull Party’ Is The Most Obnoxiously Awesome Game You’ll Play Today


The crew at Otter Spice Productions created a game called "Pitbull Party", which tells us, "Don't Stop the Party."


Get Hyped For UFC 161 By Playing PETA’s New Online MMA Game, ‘Cage Fight’


For as much as we’ve made fun of PETA in the past for random things, I have to say that this latest effort to team up with actual MMA fighters is pretty cool.


Say Goodbye To The Rest Of Your Week: Here’s A Dikembe Mutombo Video Game


If you thought that Old Spice had really stepped to the forefront of hilarious commercials in the last year, you’re about to get a swift kick to your funny boner from Dikembe Mutombo.

you don't know jack

'You Don't Know Jack' On Facebook, All Workplace Productivity to Cease


If you're not familiar with "You Don't Know Jack," you're likely a sad, isolated human being who probably lives alone with dozens of cats, fighting the specter of mental illness as it seeks to eat your soul.

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