This New Google Doodle Is Adding A Game Of Cricket To Your Work Day

Google loves to hide video games on the internet. Even Chrome’s sad T. Rex can, with a tap of the space bar, become a little video game for you to play while waiting for the internet to come back. So, to celebrate the ICC 2017 Women’s Cricket Cup, you can now play cricket. With crickets.

Needless to say, cricket, a notoriously fussy and complicated game, has been, uh, streamlined. You simply play the role of the batswoman (not to be confused with Batwoman) and whack the ball, trying to rack up as many runs as possible. Miss the ball and it’s game over. Many cricket fans will no doubt object to the total lack of parliamentary debate over whether that was in fact an out, but hey, we’re just dumb Americans, we need all the help we can get understanding our own silly sports, let alone foreign ones.

In the meantime, you can play the game (very fun and easy to get lost in) and tell your English friends you understand cricket now. Really, what’s the value of friends if you can’t wind them up over pointless sports arguments?

(Via Google)