Young Jeezy

“Fifteen Greats In ’08” – The Most Exceptional Hip-Hop Albums Of 2008


Generally, the bickering and babbling that coincides with ranking the year’s best LPs tend to blur the focus on the overall picture.

What's Beef?

Notable Quotable – 50 Cent On “You So Tough”


"Yeah I gotta knife for tough nigga 9 for a hard nigga, Don't make empty the chamber Even if I'm locked in the cell block Ya falling in shell shock, When I open ya head with the banger I cause a riot in the yard, and make a mess in the mess hall Like I just blew trial and I ain't got nuthin' left god What's today's mathematics.

Tony Yayo

G-Unit T.O.S. Listening Session. 6.12.08. NYC.


Written by Drew Ricketts Enter a record-label sponsored listening party and expect a few standard perquisites plus a few more extravagant items that seem superfluous.

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