Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders And The Radio City Rockettes Made A First Pitch As Weird As Possible


We've covered a lot of first pitch videos at With Leather, from the good (Bill Nye, a man with no arms, the robot who pitches via satellite for sick kids) to the spectacularly bad (Carly Rae Jepsen, Tiffany Hwang from [...].


Jay Mariotti’s New Multimedia Empire Just Took Down Tropicana Field


In case you missed it last week, former Around the Horn opinion-shouter and Owen Wilson's friend Jay Mariotti announced his big comeback with an epic open letter to his fans and readers on his new website MariottiShow.


Rays Fan Ejected For Thinking the Yankees Suck


The Tampa Bay Rays ejected a fan from Tropicana Field for wearing a shirt reading "Yankees Suck" citing profanity, so either Bud Selig is controlling MLB security from a TV-covered command center like Ozymandias or the Rays are taking advice on what does and doesn't constitute curse words from my grandmother.

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