Jay Mariotti’s New Multimedia Empire Just Took Down Tropicana Field

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08.15.13 6 Comments

In case you missed it last week, former Around the Horn opinion-shouter and Owen Wilson’s friend Jay Mariotti announced his big comeback with an epic open letter to his fans and readers on his new website MariottiShow.com, which he claims will change the way we look at sports journalism in this digital media era. And he’s totally right so far, because what Mariotti has done in just one week has completely flipped this stale industry on its ear and humped it into submission. (All while still kissing ESPN’s ass. You know, just in case this whole multimedia empire thing doesn’t work out.)

For starters, Mariotti’s site is the first of its kind to provide fresh 24/7 sports takes while also allowing users to stream his radio show. Hold on… wait, my carrier pigeon just returned from the Old West with a message for me… it turns out that Mariotti’s site is not the first of its kind. In fact, it’s probably like the 600,000th of its kind. But he still has hot sports takes, right?

He sure does. In fact, he recently offered his groundbreaking opinion on the LeBron James-Michael Jordan debate that no one in sports media has ever touched and, you won’t even believe this, but in his latest video, Mariotti has the moon-sized testicles to say that Tropicana Field is a terrible baseball stadium.

THIS JUST IN: Jay Mariotti is the brilliant, unique sports mind that we’ve been missing. Everyone else just stop what you’re doing and light yourselves on fire, because this is Mariotti’s mansion on the beach in Los Angeles and we’re just living in it.

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