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Here’s Tyler Perry Mopping The Floor With Jimmy Fallon In This R/C Car Race


Tyler Perry presents Tyler Perry In Tyler Perry: 'Tonight Show' Drone Warrior. Also Starring Jimmy Fallon.


Tyler Perry Had No Clue Who David Fincher Was When He Signed On For ‘Gone Girl’

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In a new interview, Tyler Perry admits he wouldn't have done 'Gone Girl' if he'd known who award-winning director David Fincher was.


Tyler Perry Won His Battle To Trademark ‘What Would Jesus Do,’ Thanks To Jesus

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Tyler Perry has won his battle to trademark "What Would Jesus Do?" Join us next week when Jerry Bruckheimer defends his patent on the golden rule.


David Fincher Is Going Full ‘Zodiac’ In The New ‘Gone Girl’ Trailer

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David Fincher doubles down on the dread of 'Zodiac' in 'Gone Girl,' starring Ben Affleck as a guy who probably killed his wife.


The Unholy Tyler Perry/Larry The Cable Guy Alliance

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These two make more people happy than you or I ever will.


The 2014 Razzies Were Just As Predictable As The Academy Awards

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Just as the winners of the 86th Academy Awards revealed very few surprises, the 2014 Razzies winners featured the most obvious usual suspects.


Don’t Worry, Single Moms, Tyler Perry Knows How Hard It Is To Find A Good Man

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In the new trailer for 'Single Moms Club,' Tyler Perry tells us that even women with kids can eventually find the right guy.


Behold, The Worst Movies Of 2013

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The competition was tight and the usual suspects were at their laziest, but here are the worst movies of 2013.


Here’s The New Trailer For ‘A Madea Christmas’… Starring Larry The Cable Guy

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In the new official trailer for Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas, the titular character tells the same old jokes, this time with... Larry the Cable Guy?


Hallelujer! It’s the trailer for Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas

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Here's the trailer for Tyler Perry's A Very Madea Christmas, which was still untitled less than a month ago, which should tell you everything you need to know about Tyler Perry's creative process, and his disdainful (-ly accurate) view of his fans.


That naked girl from Blurred Lines is going to be in a Fincher/Affleck movie

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I must be the last human on Earth not to have seen the video for Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines," but apparently model Emily Ratajkowski dances around topless in it (NSFW video here).


44 Things Tyler Perry Has Learned, by Tyler Perry

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Tyler Perry turned 44 yesterday, and he celebrated by sending out a mass email entitled "44 for 44," detailing 44 things that Tyler Perry has learned over the course of his 44 years.


Metaphor Time With Tyler Perry: Live Life Like a Golf Cart

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If you're unfamiliar with our feature "Metaphor Time, With Tyler Perry," it's where we focus a spotlight on just what household object or mundane life event Tyler Perry is using as a metaphor for proper Christian livin' this week.


Box Office: Gatsby earns $50 mil as Tyler Perry’s latest bombs. Horseman of apocalypse throws shoe?

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This statement has a lot of caveats, but we'll ignore them for now because it's a fun story: this weekend, a film adaptation of the great American novel earned more than $50 million on the same weekend a Tyler Perry-produced romantic comedy earned less than $5 million.


Weekend Movie Guide: Give Tyler Perry More Money For ‘Peeples’

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Opening Everywhere: Peeples, The Great Gatsby Opening Somewhere, Maybe: Aftershock Opening Probably Nowhere: Assault on Wall Street FilmDrunk Suggests: Head down to your local library and check out some old Choose Your Own Adventure books.


Tyler Perry only cooks on motivational stoves

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If you guys were hoping I'd stop being obsessed with the minutiae of Tyler Perry, you may have to skip this post.


Tyler Perry says life’s rough patches are just like his private jet

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As we've been over on a few occasions, say what you will about Tyler Perry's movies (let's leave it at "they're not good"), the intense connection he has with his fans is either inspiring or terrifying, I'm not sure which.

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