Blue Ivy Bid $19K On A Painting At An Auction Because Tyler Perry Made Her Do It

Never get into a bidding war with the Carters. Nobody wins when the family feuds, but when they’re all in alignment, they’re trouble for anyone who gets in their way. Tyler Perry found that out the hard way this weekend at Tina Knowles’ WACO Theater Center charity auction when he and 6-year-old Blue Ivy got into a bidding war for a painting of actor/activist Sidney Poitier.

You may have already seen the adorable video clip of Blue Ivy proudly waving her bidding paddle, which Jay-Z playfully — but unsuccessfully — tries to wrestle away. The funny father-daughter moment combined with the news of the outrageous $19,000 figure Blue dropped on the painting sent the video to the viral stratosphere, but the one missing element was just who was on the other end of that bidding war.

The answer was revealed last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! when the host asked his guest, actor-producer Tyler Perry, about the incident. Perry relates how badly he wanted the painting in question and the competitive fire was lit when he saw who was also bidding for it. “I’m gonna teach you a lesson today,” he jokes. However, as the bidding climbed, he began to wonder if he really wanted to walk into the lose-lose situation of overpaying for the art because of a small child or being outbid by that same child. In the end, it seems Perry got the painting, saying, “You can’t get everything you want, little girl,” but admits that if she’d bid once more, he would have given up.

While Blue may have missed out on the painting, she did get to create some art of her own; that flustered look on Jay’s face as he tries to stow the paddle is priceless.