How To Watch The Olympics, Anywhere, Without The Tape Delay

By | 6 Comments

Want to watch the Olympics on your terms? It's possible. Here's how.


REPORTS: A TSA Agent And Others Have Been Shot In LAX

By | 14 Comments

There's been some sort of shooting incident at LAX this afternoon and a TSA agent has been shot, along with a few others.


The Gold iPhone 5S Is Selling Like Meth At The Crossroads Motel

By | 10 Comments

Want a gold iPhone 5S? First of all, what's wrong with you? Secondly, they're sold out.


12 People Are Confirmed Dead After A Mass Shooting At The D.C. Navy Yard

By | 14 Comments

Well, it's been a while since we've had a mass shooting in America. I guess we were overdue.


Facebook Will Now Auto-Play Videos. Really.

By | 10 Comments

Facebook is about to add "video autoplay" to its "features."


The NSA Can Get Around Most Web Encryption Because Of Course It Can

By | 2 Comments

The NSA has the decryption tools for pretty much any basic kind of web security. Because of course they do.


Nauseating ‘Media Elites’ Are Making Twitter Accounts For Their Newborn Babies

By | 6 Comments

Your children do not need a Twitter account, people. At least until they hit high school.


The Most Terrible Reddit Thread Of All-Time Has Been Found. You’re Welcome.

By | 24 Comments

Did you just eat lunch? Well, you might want to not read excerpts from this Reddit thread.


Man Whose Anti-Islam YouTube Video Sparked Attacks On U.S. Embassy Goes Into Hiding

By | 5 Comments

Naturally, the "amateur filmmaker" whose YouTube video has inflamed Islamic fundamentalists has gone into hiding, like a coward.

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