Friday Wrestling Conversation: What’s The Worst Match You’ve Ever Seen?

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This week's question: what's the worst professional wrestling match you've ever seen? Mine might have your choice beat.


The Melbourne Cup Brings Out The Worst In Some Nicely Dressed Drunk Women

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The Melbourne Cup, for those unaware (and climb out of your hole already), is Australia’s biggest annual horse race, so it’s a lot like whatever those horse races that people pretend to like here in America.


Soccer Player Channels Inner Zombie

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Over the weekend, people in faraway lands gathered for the purpose of kicking a ball around a field, and other people gathered to watch it and later they all got together to look down on me for not liking soccer.



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In her blog on last week, the lovely Alyssa Milano addressed a letter to Dodger manager Grady Little and made the following request: I beg of you, in the future please refrain from batting anyone with a batting average under the Mendoza Line in the CLEANUP spot.

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