Video Game Movie Director Uwe Boll Is Trying To Get Alex Jones To Fight Him

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Every so often, BloodRayne director Uwe Boll — infamous for casting Tara Reid as a scientist in what may be his most critically lambasted film, Alone in the Dark — tries to literally pick a fight. That is, he challenges critics to boxing matches, and even crash-boom-blockbuster and Victoria’s Secret commercial director Michael Bay hasn’t been immune to such invitations.

Well, Boll must have been bored on Saturday because he decided to pick on InfoWars host Alex Jones, who admittedly could stand to learn what it feels like to be picked on after attacking teen Parkland survivor David Hogg. From an unverified account (but the same one that Boll legitimately used to recently accuse Paul Thomas Anderson of ripping off a Phantom Thread poster), Boll started making fun of Jones and his “Male Vitality” supplements.

Obviously, a language warning is at hand in these all-caps tweets about the “UWE BOLL BOXING CHALLENGE.”

Apparently, Jones really has been challenging people to fights lately. Most recently, he challenged Young Turks host and creator Cenk Uygur to get in the ring, and last year, he bizarrely taunted Alec Baldwin with the prospect of a “bare knuckle” fight. Has Jones finally met his match in Uwe Boll? Well, the InfoWars host, weirdly, has ignored Boll’s tweets on the subject, so probably not? Poor Uwe Boll, ignored by an Internet snake-oil salesman.

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