Make Fun Of The Mistakes Of Geniuses With These Classic ‘Jeopardy!’ Bloopers

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One more time for Alex Trebek's birthday, here are some great moments in geniuses messing up on 'Jeopardy!.'


Thumbs-up Cat and How to Defeat Watson on Jeopardy


10 Great Shows That Died After One Season [Uproxx] How Are Your Strippers Holding Up.


Watson on ‘American Idol’

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IBM's Watson supercomputer achieved fame by demolishing our greatest "Jeopardy.


Screw You, Watson

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In last night's episode of "Jeopardy," supercomputer Watson torched human champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter to win the first of two matches, finishing Final Jeopardy with more than $35,000 -- more than twice the total of Jennings and Rutter.


Computer To Face Ultimate Nerd Challenge: Jeopardy

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It looks like scientists have finally designed a computer that can beat nerds at their own game.

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