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What Could’ve Been: Early Casting Considerations For 20 Of TV’s Best Dramas

By | 28 Comments

Who might have been Stringer Bell? Or Claire Fisher? Or Walter White? Answers to these and many more.


An Election Eve Reminder That There’s Still A President We Can All Agree Upon

By | 26 Comments

One of the best scenes from 'West Wing,' and a reminder of what a presidential candidate SHOULD be like.

the newsroom

Aaron Sorkin Graduates From Recycling Dialogue To Recycling Entire Plot Lines

By | 22 Comments

In last night's episode of 'The Newsroom,' Aaron Sorkin blatantly stole a popular plotline from season three of the "West Wing."

aaron sorkin

Celebrating President Bartlet, One of America's Greatest Fictional Patriots

By | 12 Comments

As we look ahead to the Independence Day holiday, we look back at one of America's great fictional patriots, President Bartlet.

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