Celebrating President Bartlet, One of America's Greatest Fictional Patriots

Tomorrow is Independence Day, a day in which we celebrate America’s freedom by indulging in what that freedom affords us: The right to eat ourselves sick, get sh*tfaced, and pass out while taxpayer money is spent blowing up crap in the sky. AMERICA. But before you start grilling your next heart attack, drinking your next black out, and blowing your hand off in celebration of our country’s independence, here’s an inspiring selection of videos, GIFs, and images from one of our greatest fictional patriots. He’s also one of my favorite characters in television history: President Bartlet. Let this be a reminder of the America we love, and the America we aspire to be.
Happy Fourth of July, folks.

The Streets of Heaven Are Too Crowded with Angels Tonight

Charlie, Get Me the Number for the Butterball Hotline

I’m Going to Blow them Off the Face of the Earth with the Fury of God’s Own Thunder

Can We Have It Back Please

Cruciatus in Crucem

In this Building, When the President Stands, Nobody Sits

I Don’t Care If My Approval Ratings Drop into the Single Digits, I am the President of the United States

In the future, when you’re wonderin, “Crime, Boy. I don’t know,” is when I decided to kick your ass