Lehigh Valley IronPigs To Fan: ‘Congratulations On Your Upcoming Death’

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The Minor League Lehigh Valley IronPigs had a CELEBRATION OF LIFE night, featuring a funeral giveaway to a man with Lou Gehrig's Disease. No, seriously.


The New Phoenix Suns Uniforms Are… Interesting

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I’m gonna be honest right off the bat – orange and purple are two colors that, alone or together, aren’t exactly my cup of Patron.


An Illinois Golfer Fell Into A Sinkhole In The Fairway, And Thank God He Has A Blog

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In case you were wondering, this is how a person starts a story about how their husband was swallowed into the Earth and almost murdered by God during a round of golf.


Table Tennis Surprise Really Lives Up To Its Name

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I can't decide what my favorite part of TABLE TENNIS SURPRISE is -- the amazing return shot, the guy who loses' stunned reaction and awed sportsmanship, or the fact that it sounds like the worst side dish ever.


This Washington DC Nike Store Display Doesn’t Make Much Sense

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Mike Wilbon’s arch nemesis Dan Steinberg posted a series of pictures from the new Nike store in Washington DC yesterday, including the one that you’re looking at above.


Here’s A Portrait Of Shaquille O’Neal And Hulk Hogan In New York City On 9/11

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Yesterday, while discussing Shaquille O’Neal’s foray into the comedy biz with The Comedy Shaq Network, I included a video of a recent sketch that Shaq taped with comedian Godfrey and sex tape superstar Hulk Hogan.


What the Buck

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A bad rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner is Hell on Earth.

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