The New Phoenix Suns Uniforms Are… Interesting

I’m gonna be honest right off the bat – orange and purple are two colors that, alone or together, aren’t exactly my cup of Patron. So when it comes to judging NBA teams based on presentation alone, the Phoenix Suns have always been at a disadvantage in my book. The team unveiled its newest look in a little fashion show ceremony yesterday, as you can see in the above image Tweeted by Paul Coro, and while I don’t think the standard uniforms are bad at all, we need to talk about the sleeved alternate uniform, AKA the tangerine dream.

I don’t like the sleeved look. I tried at first, and thought the Golden State alternate was kind of cool – at least in the sense of “I’m a slightly out-of-shape bro who goes to a lot of NBA games each season and hates wearing a standard jersey over a t-shirt and won’t ever dare wear a jersey with no shirt underneath, so this gives me a new option” – but these Suns alternates are just not working for me right now.

And I’m not alone, because here’s a random sampling that I just took from the Tweeters of the many, many fans that also aren’t impressed:

To the Suns’ credit, there are plenty of people who think they look cool, but people also think that skinny jeans look cool and look where that has gotten us.

Come on, NBA teams, let’s stop trying to make the pretty colors distract the fans from what’s happening on the court. Keep the uniforms simple and stop overpaying guys with bad knees.

Thank you for your time.