Adidas Is Apparently Going After The Cowboy Demographic

This is really happening, folks. Do not adjust your monitors, and do not spit that tobacco juice on my clean carpet. Adidas is actually selling these cowboy boot sneakers, designed by Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite young designer, Jeremy Scott. Don’t worry, I’ve never heard of him either.

Adidas says they’ll “get you rodeo-ready with their hybrid cowboy-boot-meets-basketball-trainer style” and Latino blog, Remezcla describes them as the, “mexican hipster-est thing ever,” but honestly, we’re just confused.

These bad boys were designed by American fashion designer Jeremy Scott in a series that “seems to be Southwest inspired”, according to Remezcla. (Via HuffPo)

Sure enough, the Jeremy Scott Mega Soft Cell Boots are yours to be owned for just $300 a pair, and as soon as you pick up your new cowboy sneaker boots, or whatever the heck they should be called, shoot me an email. Because I would love to know where a person would wear these and whether or not they’ve played basketball in them. I’ll need video of that ASAP.