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Fox In The Box: FIFA 13 Review

By | 8 Comments

Fans allow football to tug at their heart strings weekend in and out.

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5 Reasons the Wii U is Doomed and 5 More Reasons it May Not Be

By | 12 Comments

So, Nintendo's E3 press conference -- it was, to put it mildly, pretty damn awful.

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E3 Predictions — The Likely to Not So Likely Things We're Going to See From Microsoft and Nintendo

By | 4 Comments

Whoa, hey, E3 is like, next week guys, which means I need to start making some predictions.

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Mama Mia! Could the WiiU Be Launching With Super Mario Bros. 4?


Last year Nintendo launched the 3DS and learned a bitter lesson about releasing a new platform without a real system selling game.

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Tablet Controllers for Everyone! Is the Xbox 720 Basically Going to be the WiiU?

By | 4 Comments

Hey, are you looking forward to the WiiU and it's tablet controller.

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Say Hello to Project Fiona — The First of Many WiiU Rip-offs

By | 2 Comments

Hey guys, say hello to Razer's Project Fiona -- it's a tablet that can play hi-def PC games and comes outfitted with motion, touchscreen and traditional button controls.

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