Mama Mia! Could the WiiU Be Launching With Super Mario Bros. 4?

04.16.12 7 years ago

Last year Nintendo launched the 3DS and learned a bitter lesson about releasing a new platform without a real system selling game. The upcoming WiiU has received only mediocre buzz so far — Nintendo needs to launch the system with something big. Huge. Could that something be Super Mario Bros. 4?

In a recent interview with a Spanish newspaper, Miyamoto let slip that Nintendo would be showcasing a new WiiU Mario game at this year’s E3. This neatly coincides with Nintendo of America quietly registering the domain

With the possible exception of finally doing a full-on Pokemon RPG for consoles, Super Mario 4 is easily the biggest gun in Nintendo’s arsenal. If Super Mario 4 is indeed happening it shows Nintendo is fully aware of the shaky ground the WiiU is on, and that they’re ready to go nuclear to make it a success.

Then again, this is Nintendo, so chances are Mario 4 is happening, but it’s going to be on the original DS or something, because whatever, Nintendo doesn’t have to make sense dammit.

via Technabob & Nintendo Universe

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