‘Workaholics’ Halloween Costume Ideas And Caption Contest Winners

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To close out Workaholics Week here are some of my favorite Workaholics-themed Halloween costume ideas in case you just realized you've got a Halloween party to get to this weekend and your donkey humper costume is starting to feel a bit played.


10 Of The Most Highly Quotable ‘Workaholics’ Quotables


Like I mentioned at the beginning of Workaholics Week, Workaholics is the most quotable show on television.


‘Workaholics’ Work Barbecue: Ninja Turtle Style


As part of our ongoing Workaholics Week Comedy Central has provided us with this special clip from last night's "Stop.


Swag, Hashtags, Darius Rucker, And Tight B*tthole: A ‘Workaholics’ Interview With Blake Anderson And Anders Holm

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As part of Workaholics Week at UPROXX, Blake Anderson and Anders Holm were awesome enough to answer some questions about the show, how they embrace the internet, and how the internet embraces the show.


‘Workaholics’ Caption Contest: We’d Like To Give You Guys T-Shirts And Season One DVDs!

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Hey everyone, as part of Workaholics Week we'd like to give you guys free Workaholics swag for being the cleverest of our audience of super clever people.


The Best Of #Workaholics GIFs

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Welcome to Workaholics week here at UPROXX, where we'll be spending all week celebrating the most quotable show on television.

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