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If You’re Not Doing The ‘Prancercise’ Fitness Workout, You’re Not Exercising Right

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The future of exercise is a 1989 workout tape for '"Prancercise." Yes, prancing is involved.

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The Sofia Vergara Workout Video Is Bouncy And Beautiful

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The video of a pre-"Modern Family" Sofia Vergara working out in a blue bikini is a thing of beauty.

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Van Damme can still do za spleets, noooo problaim.

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We were all a little worried about Monsieur Jean Claude Van Damme a couple years back when we thought he'd had a heart attack (apparently he hadn't - just chest pain), but in case you needed further proof that he's still healthy enough to do Van Damme stuff, here's video of him throwing high kicks at the pads with UFC welterweight champ George St.

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At Long Last, The Bon Iver Workout Video Is Here


At some point surely you've looked at Bon Iver/Justin Vernon on stage and wondered, "How does he get that body.

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So, slight disclaimer on this story: it contains little or no facts, and I'm only posting it only because I'm intrigued by the sheer obscurity of it.

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