An Amazon Customer Received This Nasty Surprise In His Shopping Cart After Complaining To Customer Service

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A student and IT contractor living in Ireland alleges that he was the butt of an unprofessional joke after he complained to customer service about an unpleasant shopping experience. The man — who is going only by “Pedro” — claims that after having purchased a textbook he needed for an extracurricular art class he was taking, he was dismayed to receive the previous edition of the book, despite the fact that the Amazon listing did indeed specify the current edition. Pedro contacted Amazon about the mix-up, only to be told several days later that they were not able to find the copy he needed, which ultimately resulted in a lot of wasted time having waited for the book to be delivered, then waiting for an update on the situation.

Irate, Pedro did really the only thing one can do in this situation, and filled out a negative customer satisfaction survey on Amazon. The next time he went to use Amazon, he found this surprise sitting in his shopping cart:


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