This Horrible Break-Up Note Will Make You Glad You Never Dated Someone This Awful

02.04.16 2 years ago


Apparently, breaking up isn’t as hard to do as we were once led to believe. In fact, if you’re a particularly evil person (or willing to use a service), breaking up might even be easy. Especially if you end the relationship by leaving your ex a surprise package that includes a nasty note hidden within a bouquet of flowers. Does Ally — the breaker-upper in this situation — have a reason for being as mean as she is? Maybe. But is the note you’re about to read so brutal you might want to cry a few tears yourself? Let’s just say you should have a hankie ready.

The breakup note was tweeted out by a friend of the person who did the breaking up. These tweets aren’t new (and Ally’s victim probably never thought she’d be going viral), but it was recently picked up by The Sun and has now been horrifying people all over the internet.

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