Kellyanne Conway And Trump’s ‘Working Hard’ Photo Inspires Captions Galore

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11.29.16 10 Comments

President-elect Donald Trump won the election for several reasons, and (just like any other politician) he made promises to secure his position. One of his biggest vows (and his campaign motto) involved working hard to Make America Great Again, and now, this photo involves that same theme. Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway tweeted out some Monday night proof that showed her and The Donald “working hard” in Trump Tower.

The real estate mogul has recently admonished media outlets, including a rumored insistence for all reporters not to use a certain very unflattering photo of him. However, he didn’t seem to be too concerned about showing off his cluttered desk. People jumped at the easily-memed photo that Conway willingly offered up to the Internet.

Without further adieu, the captions came rolling into view.

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