Florida Man Who Caught 805-Pound Shark Will Not Be Awarded A World Record Because He Ate It

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04.23.14 7 Comments

A Florida fisherman who caught a record-setting shark earlier this month celebrated in grand fashion: by grilling the 805-pound, 11-foot mako on his barbecue and eating it with friends.

Joey Polk made headlines everywhere when he told the New York Daily News that the International Land-Based Shark Fishing Association had recognized his catch as the largest mako ever caught. But not so fast.

The ILFSA’s website has a more-than-clear message, front-and-center on its homepage, that negates Polk’s record: “As of January 1st of 2012, the ILSFA will no longer promote or accept record applications for sharks not released.”

Polk claims he “tried to revive the fish and send him back out, but he was too worn out to swim,” but rules are rules. So the title will stay with the previous record holder: Joey’s cousin, Earnie Polk.

Earnie bagged a 725-pound back in 2009, before the release rule was in place. And you bet he butchered and grilled it, leading to this Florida-tastic quote: “No meat went to waste. Rednecks all over the county is grilling right now.”

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