Did This Guy Really Find Fossils From Noah’s Flood In His Texas Front Yard?

03.22.16 2 years ago

East Texas man Wayne Propst thinks he came across an incredible find while helping his aunt lay down some dirt at her home in Tyler recently. Propst discovered what he presumes to be snail fossils from the flood which supposedly wiped out the entire earth’s animal and human population, save for the ones Noah housed on his ark in the biblical story from the book of Genesis.

As to how he concluded that the fossils were, in fact, from that flood written about in the Bible is unclear, especially since the real-life series of events are said to have taken place in the Middle East, specifically around Turkey. But that’s beside the point, because Propst and his aunt are positive that the cradle of civilization has turned up in their front yard.

“What’s really interesting to me is we’re talking about the largest catastrophe known to man, the flood that engulfed the entire world,” Propst said.

“I just take my toothbrush and work on it until we get it,” Wayne’s aunt Sharon Givan said. “To think that, like he says, that we have something in our yard that dated back to when God destroyed the earth. I mean, how much better could anything be,” Givan said.

Propst consulted with a self-proclaimed fossil expert he found on the internet, who confirmed that the fossils were indeed from Noah’s flood; however, one expert from the University of Texas at Austin told a different story.

“The rocks there are about 35 million to 40 million years old, and these little turret snails are commonly found in marine rocks of that age,” said James Sagebiel, Collections Manager of the Texas Vertebrate Paleontology Collections. “It’s not unusual.”

James Sagebiel said this type of fossil is usually found in sandy soil and the reason it’s here is not due to a great global flood. “The Texas coastline would have run several miles closer inland than what it is today,” said Sagebiel. “So where Tyler is today would essentially be the coastline.”

Were the fossils really from Noah’s flood? Or did they end up there because of all that stuff the science man said? The world may never know.

(Via CBS 19)

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