Meet Loca, The Singing Irish Pug Who Can't Feckin' Run

Senior Pop Culture Editor
06.09.12 2 Comments

Pugs, man. Pugs.

They’re little excitable balls of fur, especially Loca, who hails from the Emerald Isle and sings about eating roast chicken, her brothers and sisters, and how her favorite thing’s a hug. Aww. But the main message of her Irish ditty is about how she can’t run, only jump in the air like an adorable idiot. Or “bouncing, flouncing, falling all around the show,” in her words. The reason for Loca’s bounciness is because she has a “mild brain disorder,” but lest you worry, “the vet says she has no idea anything is wrong with her and is otherwise happy and healthy.”

Plus, Loca’s owners “told her she can have a whole roast chicken to herself if she gets a thousand hits.” Considering the video’s currently at 53,000+, that’s a whole lotta chicken for one little pug.


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