The National Spelling Bee Champ Suffers Through MSNBC’s Request To Spell Trump’s ‘Covfefe’

06.02.17 8 months ago

This year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee champ, Ananya Vinay, crushed her competition with the winning word, “marocain” (a ribbed, crepelike fabric). The 12-year-old girl, who had declared her win to be a “dream come true,” went on to experience a true nightmare while doing her Friday morning laps of victory. Ananya landed at MSNBC’s New Day, only to be confronted by hosts Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo, who asked Ananya to spell “covfefe.”

Yes, President Trump’s made-up word from a late-night tweet has not only swallowed the Internet but is now torturing one of the brightest young minds, who didn’t deserve this. Still, Ananya gave it her best shot with what could only be described as “gibberish” by her interrogators:

“Covfefe … definition, please? …. language of origin? … part of speech? … are there any alternate pronunciations?”

Ananya had about the same reaction as everyone else when hearing that this word doesn’t really exist — despite Sean Spicer’s insistence that the word holds a secret meaning — yet she was being asked to properly spell it. She gave the task her most valiant effort after Cuomo mock-demanded, “Stop stalling, can you spell this word?” In the end, Ananya went with “C-O-F-E-F-E,” which is better than I fared while typing it endless times this week. Someone needs to give this poor girl another trophy.


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