Samantha Bee Finally Gives Trump Credit For ‘Making America Great’ With ‘Covfefe’

06.01.17 10 months ago

Samantha Bee lucked out by returning with a new show following Memorial Day. Most of the other late offerings are off enjoying some vacation time or preparing for the NBA Finals, clearing the landscape for Full Frontal to give the first clear late night reaction to Trump’s late night tweeting. For some odd reason, Trump managed to post a tweet while sleeping or during some sort of trance and the internet could not hold themselves back. They got “covfefe” fever throughout the night, creating memes and cracking jokes while the tweet remained on the president’s account until morning.

It was a sensation and possibly the biggest thing to happen on Twitter since the whole Harambe thing. That’s either a great thing or completely horrible, but Samantha Bee likens it more to people rocking out to the band as the Titanic sinks. She also gives a good reason for Trump’s aborted tweet:

“This is what happens when you abstain from your phone for nine days. You ejaculate, just like that!”

This leads to her rundown of Trump’s trip overseas, which she describes using footage from Mad Max: Fury Road. These are the perks of working for a Warner Bros. owned network, though Conan got to basically recreate the Doof Warrior truck for his Comic-Con opening. The comparison between Immortan Joe and Trump have been made numerous times since he took office, but it doesn’t really stop being funny unless it was actually reality. That would kill the laughs fairly quick.

(Via Full Frontal)

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