Commercial Pilot Videos Week Of Takeoffs And Landings, Makes Lovely Video With Footage


It’s funny — the other day I was on a plane, sitting in the front near the cockpit, and I thought, “Man just once I’d like to be in there for a flight just to see what it’s like.” Unless I get some proverbial wild hair to go to pilot school, I suppose this video will be the closest I get to the experience — outside of flight simulator, of course.

Commercial pilot Jakub Vlk stashed a camera in the cockpit of his plane and captured each stage of takeoff, flight, and landing in lovely HD video. On Vimeo, he notes that the video covers the “past seven days of work 8x faster.” Watching liftoff from runways in Prague, Nantes, and elsewhere is an absolutely thrilling sensation.


(HT: Justine Bateman)

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