Public Masturbation Is Now Legally ‘Okay’ In Sweden

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09.19.13 8 Comments

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In one of the strangest court rulings that we’ll read about this year, a 65-year old Swedish man was found not guilty of sexual assault after he exposed his penis at a Stockholm beach and began masturbating by the water, in plain view of everyone else. While he was initially arrested for the very serious charge, he was acquitted when the judge determined that he wasn’t actually guilty because he wasn’t looking at anyone in particular.

Public prosecutor Olof Vrethammar told the Mitti newspaper that he wasn’t planning to appeal the ruling.

“For this to be a criminal offence it’s required that the sexual molestation was directed towards one or more people. I think the court’s judgement is reasonable,” he said.

When asked if it was now acceptable to masturbate in public if you don’t direct it towards a specific individual the prosecutor said it was “okay.”

“The district court has made a judgement on this case. With that we can conclude that it is okay to masturbate on the beach. The act may be considered to be disorderly conduct.” (Via The Local, H/T to the Daily Edge)

Basically, any guy hanging out at a beach in Sweden can now whip it out and start doing his thing, so long as he doesn’t make eye contact with any specific male or female. So keep your eyes straight ahead or closed or just don’t look like Daffy here, and you should be good to go.


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