Everyone Seems To Think This ‘Sesame Street’ Monster Tweet Is Really About Donald Trump

11.16.16 1 year ago 3 Comments


45 years ago, Sesame Street‘s lovable blue monster Grover starred in his own children’s book, The Monster at the End of This Book: Starring Lovable, Furry Old Grover. To mark this momentous anniversary, the show’s official Twitter account took a page from its 2013 playbook and performed a dramatic reading via a series of tweets posted by it and several affiliated accounts. Unfortunately for Sesame Street fans, because of the show’s past “association” with President-elect Donald Trump, a plethora of Twitter comedians couldn’t resist the urge to turn the original tweet into yet another game of “jokes about Trump.”

Then again, whoever wrote the original Sesame Street tweet left a lot of wiggle room for reinterpretation. “Did you know,” it asked, “That there’s a MONSTER on Twitter?”

According to the account’s nearly 2 million followers, the overwhelming answer is “yes.” And not just a simple “yes,” or a slightly more complicated “I think I’ve seen a monster or two on social media,” but a resounding “OH DEAR GOD YES THERE’S A MONSTER PLEASE SAVE US DON’T JUST STAND THERE.”

According to the platform’s best, brightest and weirdest pranksters, the monster in question wasn’t Grover. It was Donald Trump, the man the United States of America had just elected president:

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