SNL’s Stefon Has Been Recommending Clubs With EVERYTHING On Yelp And No One Realized It

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01.13.12 3 Comments

Bill Hader’s brilliant Stefon is easily SNL’s most celebrated current recurring character and the only recurring character this side of @ss Dan that I actively root to make an appearance. So I’m baffled that some funny person was doing a pretty marvelous Stefon impersonation on Yelp since last April and just now the internet is staking notice.

It’s a full-on Yelp profile with friends, human traffic cones, Jewpids, and everything. Stefon on Yelp has only reviewed four real-life Manhattan hot (?) spots — all five stars because each one HAS EVERYTHING — over a two week period, mixing in some of the actual Stefon lines that make Hader break character with originals as well as very necessary Pete Wentz jokes. I imagine whoever is behind it hung it up after not receiving any notoriety, but here’s to that person getting back to work after receiving the much belated coverage they deserve. I’m also thinking there’s a nice little business model in pushing a cult following towards struggling dive bars with the promises of human donkeys.

And if not, at least we’ll have this time capsule of closeted straight guys and Georgia O’Queefe’s.

Yelp via Vulture

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