Texas Man Beats Wife For Failing To ‘Like’ Facebook Post About His Mother’s Death


I’m just gonna put this right here and step out of the way

A Texas man is facing battery charges after police say he hit his estranged New Mexico wife and pulled her hair over her lack of a response to his Facebook status update.

According to the criminal complaint, Benito Apolinar posted a comment on his Facebook page about the anniversary of his mother’s death, but Dolores Apolinar didn’t click the “like” status button.

The complaint says Benito Apolinar told his wife that he was unhappy that she didn’t respond as others did. Police say that’s when a fight began. Benito Apolinar pleaded not guilty to one charge of battery. It was unclear if he had hired an attorney.

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Now, for a much-needed reminder that there is beauty in the world, watch the video below. And be sure to stick with it till the end. It’s worth it.

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