The ‘Affluenza’ Kid Is Costing Taxpayers An Ungodly Amount Of Money

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04.12.14 4 Comments


Ethan Couch, who — just to remind you — is enjoying a cushy rehab facility instead of jail like he deserves after killing four people and injuring nine others last June because he drove drunk. Oh yeah, and that cushy rehab facility? It’s costing taxpayers more than if they just sent the kid to an Ivy League school. OH BUT DON’T WORRY because his parents are paying a tiny fraction. From Reuters:

Judge Jean Boyd, whose sentence of 10 years probation and no jail time set off a backlash of criticism in December, ordered the youth’s parents to pay about $1,100 a month.

The state facility he has been sent to costs $715 a day. His parents had offered to pay for private treatment at a private out-of-state facility.

The case set off an emotional debate after a psychologist for the teenager testified that his family’s wealth had impaired the teenager’s ability to take responsibility for his actions, saying he suffered from “affluenza.”

Seven hundred and fifteen dollars per day. They must be springing for the good caviar. Can you imagine how many homeless and disadvantaged people could be fed and helped with $715 per day? I hate this family so goddamn much.

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