The Alabama Face Guy Face-Bombed Fallon Last Night

02.22.12 6 years ago

The Alabama Face-Bomb kid started gaining serious traction last week and I worked the image into a Bon Iver post on Friday as I like to imagine that’s the face he made when he heard Bonnie Bear won a Grammy. In just a matter of days Jackson Blankenship has turned a fun internet photo into a full on media blitz. Burnsy did an excellent job chronicling his Knicks game and Today Show sightings on With Leather yesterday, and needless to say I was jealous due to the lack of face-bombing coverage here.

Luckily for me Jimmy Fallon is a fan and Jackson dropped by Late Night last night to face-bomb The Roots, explain the origins of the “internet sensation,” introduce his eerily identical face-bombing buddy, and provide the world with a step-by-step tutorial on Alabama face-bombing.

Needless to say the face was made early and often. I was happy to see it makes Fallon giggle with excitement the same way it does me. If Billy Crystal knows what’s good for him he’ll get Jackson a seat in the audience at the Oscars like yesterday. Nothing improves an inevitable Meryl Streep win like an Alabama face bomb and shoulder shrug. Full clip after the jump.

Nick Saban AND this kid? Crimson Tide Nation has it way too good.

GIF via Late Night Tumblr

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